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The Weir family had a clear vision of creating a world-class office and retail experience out of the communal landmark Highland Park Soda Fountain Building. They wanted to honor its historical status in the community and leave parts of its iconic structure. This created the challenge of combining a two-story masonry building from the 1900s with a 12-story Class AA office tower from the 21st century.

Developers at Four Rivers Capital and architect Todd Burtis of GFF worked tirelessly around the structure to preserve it. The new street retail was built shorter than the rest of the building to align with the soda fountain’s strong cornice. A large glass structure was inserted between the soda foundation and the larger structure to preserve its independence. 

Art + Artisans Sr. Project Manager Callie Chinn knew that the art installations for this project had to enhance the architecture, not compete with it. The artwork needed to create a sense of luxury that aligned with the Knox area. She worked closely with the developer and architect to create a gallery of mixed art pieces that elevate the building and highlight its deep-rooted history. 

Hanging in the entry lobby are two monumental paintings by local artist Debra Ferrari. The 78 x 120 inch paintings showcase subtle metallic shapes, squares, and hidden layers. Painted in gold, blue, and gray tones, they enhance the stone on the walls and punctuate the stunning lobby.

+ A large wire sculpture of the soda fountain by local artist Bart Soutendijk is also featured in the lobby and pays homage to the site’s history.

To incorporate more of the site’s history, Callie sourced vintage photography of the community visiting the soda fountain and shopping at Weir’s Furniture. The photos date back to the early 1900s, a testament to the family’s legacy.

+ Weir’s Furniture Flagship was built on Knox Street in 1948 and remains part of Weir’s Plaza today.

Inside the amenities floor lounge, a collection of burnt paper art with fluorescent accents help create a cozy atmosphere with a modern, luxurious feel. 

The sophisticated building now boasts Class AA office space with state-of-the-art amenities, boutiques, and the historic Weir’s Furniture Flagship Store —all tied together with tradition, class, and innovation. The development was 100% leased on opening day and was awarded the “Urban Office Best Real Estate Deal” in 2020 by the Dallas Business Journal!

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