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Over our 20 years in business, Art + Artisans has grown an extensive database of national and international artists that work in every media imaginable. That may be art that hangs on the wall, data-driven digital art, interactive sculpture, and so many other options.

When clients want to create experiences that are authentic to their community, we have at our fingertips the resources to add customized art that make spaces feel memorable and keep people returning again and again. The relationships we have formed with these diverse artists allow us to bring our client’s vision to life in some of the most exciting and surprising ways!

August is American Artist Appreciation month, and we want to highlight a few talented artists we have had the joy of working with over the years.

Michael Hall’s distinctive style always electrifies a space. Michael is a self-taught painter, muralist, and woodworker who takes pride in his hand-made process. His mural for Austin Energy was painted without the use of tape, allowing wobbles and vibrant colors to create motion. The craftmanship in Michael’s woodworking brings inspiration to this Private Investment Firm. These individually crafted wooden sculptures appear to float off the wall and give employees an uplifting space that helps make the office feel like a unique experience.

Caprice Pierucci has provided us with her dynamic sculptures for almost two decades. Her one-of-a-kind pieces add sophistication for clients who value innovation and want to impress with an elevated space.

Her hypnotic work has a meditative rhythm and a bit of mystery. People often cannot tell what media she is using or how she does it! As you come closer to see the details, you notice the sculpture is created from wood. You can see the beautiful patterns of the grain. Using her own technique, Caprice creates her sculptures to appear to be from a single piece of wood. Part of the fun is trying to determine if they really are!

Ansen Seale has an amazing talent for fusing art and technology. His interactive sculptures connect in a powerful way to tell a client’s story and engage every person who walks by. Two of his pieces at a Financial Firm Campus connect to the value of innovation that is so important to the company’s culture. They also serve an important goal of sparking conversation and encouraging spontaneous interactions between employees who do not regularly see one another.

Kristy Battani continues to surprise us with her creativity and storytelling. Her use of repurposed materials weaves in unique details that frequently tie into something meaningful for our clients.

For placemaking that felt authentically Austin at their new headquarters, Austin Energy wanted artwork to connect employees with different aspects of what makes the city unique. As a nod to the local music scene, Kristy created a vibrant 3-piece series from repurposed sheet music including hometown heroes like Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughn. For The Independent’s conference room in the sky, Kristy was inspired to use upcycled handwritten pilots’ logs and vintage paper airplanes as the base for her design. The layered pieces are special and memorable offering different details every time they are experienced!

Art + Artisans values building positive relationships. It is our strong relationships with vetted artists across the country that allow us to offer what other consultants cannot. Clients come to us looking for exciting new ideas that will connect to their community and welcome people in. We love working with inspirational artists to curate engaging, custom art packages that create an impact on every person who experiences them!

Check out Our Work to get a glimpse at some of the impressive projects artists have helped us create. Let this inspire you and connect with us HERE.
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