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Creating an environment that employees want to return to is a topic on the mind of many employers and landlords. After two years of working remotely, employees are reluctant to return to the workplace. Less time spent at the office means that engagement and connectedness to company values and culture have taken a hit. So, how do companies find new ways to inspire employees back to the workplace? Building office community and increasing employee wellness are two strategies to improve the overall employee experience. Art is a key component to both.

Companies look to art as a way to bring employees back together in the workspace.

Art is an investment in the wellbeing of a workforce and overall brand story. Brain Pickings Founder, Maria Popova explains the impact art has had on a company:


“Art stimulates us creatively, making us better, more productive, more entrepreneurial agents. Art can speak so subtly that it forces us to think more deeply, feel more fully, and engage more wholeheartedly.” 


Art supports a brand’s identity and creates a deeper connection to company values. 

An effective way to remind employees of a company’s mission is to integrate it into the interior design of their work environment. From pulling in brand colors to creatively displaying company values, art can be used to project pride in a company’s overall brand and image. The Dell Headquarters in Austin, TX uses art to subtly display their brand colors and allows their art to serve as a key talking point when telling their brand story. For example art made from reclaimed wood connects to the company value of sustainability.

Dell Austin TX

Art is proven to boost productivity.

An Exeter Study compared productivity levels of workers performing one hour of work in four different settings — from bare basics to colorfully-enriched spaces with art. In the upgraded areas, participants felt happier, thus, they completed better-quality work and operated 15% better in efficiency. That number rose 32% when they also got to choose the art within their surroundings.

Deutsche Bank London’s reception features art by Anish Kapoor and Damien Hirst. The bank has 60,000 artworks across across 40 countries. Photograph: Deutsche Bank

A Great Example of The Impact of Art in the Workplace

The team at Microsoft was ahead of the curve in finding the value fine art brings to the employee experience. In 1987, Microsoft decided to start a movement to better the worklives of their employees, and with that, the Microsoft Art Collection was born. The company allowed employees to choose art both from local and global artists that would liven their workspace and reflect the culture of their staff.

The benefits of the Art Collection went deeper than just interior design. It encouraged community, fostered creativity, and gave a voice and opinion to employees of all levels. The Art Collection hosts artist lectures and artwork tours where employees can gather together and share opinions on the pieces and enjoy intellectual, inspiring conversation; forming a community one cannot find within the comfort of their own home. 


As employees have a say in what art appears on the walls, it shows that Microsoft values each member of their team, which is a positive message both for their staff and their company as a whole. When a space makes employees feel inspired, happy, and engaged, it resonates with customers – bettering the company from the inside out. The Microsoft Art Collection is a prime example of the ways art can create a community within the work environment. 

Whiting Tennis, The Vegetarian
Derrick Adams, Young Man in Frisky Blue

Art That Connects

At Art + Artisans, we are lucky to bring these workplaces to life by installing hand-picked, innovative art that is reflective of a company’s vision, community and design. Our mission is more than just creating inspiring spaces; our goal is to connect people through art. 

Let’s talk about how we can reinforce your culture, build office community, and create a space that helps you attract and retain talent!  Connect with us here.

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