Our Services

Art + Artisans specializes in art consulting that guides corporate teams through the art procurement process and expertly project manages their art packages to completion. As one of the top art consulting firms in Texas, we pride ourselves on the experience we provide, both to our clients and those who experience the spaces we bring to life.

art consultant services

What We Do

We help our clients select, procure, and install artwork at their commercial properties, providing expert guidance and project management for projects simple and complex.

How We Do It

We developed a proven, four-step process that walks our clients through art discovery, selection, production, and installation.

art consultant services
art consultant services

Who We Serve

We serve real estate developers, their design teams, corporate clients, hospitals, and universities.

Who We Partner With

As one of Texas’ top art consulting firms, we partner with the world’s top architecture, interior design, and project management firms to deliver amazing results to their clients.

art consultant services
art consultant services

Our Projects

Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked as art consultants for Class A/AA towers, corporate offices, multifamily housing, student housing, hospitals, and universities. You can see our work here.

Art Consultant Services - FAQ

Why An Art Consultant?

We have a vast database of vetted artists and a detailed understanding of the art market to advise clients on the art that best meets their vision, budget, timeline, and aesthetic goals. We’re highly skilled at guiding clients through every step of the process. We work with real estate development teams, designers,  and all other project consultants to manage every detail of a successful art selection, procurement, and installation. Read more about how art consultants help commercial real estate projects.

art consultant services
art consultant services

Where Do You Find Your Artists?

Our vast database of vetted, professional artists stems from over 20 years in the art industry. Our skilled curation team consistently researches new artists for our projects and attends industry events around the country to stay informed on art trends, emerging artists, art and technology, and other art topics of importance to our clients.

When Should I Bring an Art Consultant On Board?

Bringing an art consultant onto your project during the design development phase allows for better collaboration with your other consultants, ensuring the overall project feels cohesive and intentional. This holistic approach drastically increases your artistic options, prevents costly construction revisions, and leads to better integration of artwork into your commercial property.

art consultant services
art consultant services

How Much Should I Budget for an Art Consultant?

If you’re unsure of your budget, we can guide you. We’ll show you examples of good, better, best, and monumental art options that can help you develop a budget that feels right for your organization and vision.

Can't My Interior Designer Find Art for Me?

Art is just one small component of what interior designers oversee on a development project. Which is why they want to work with art consulting firms like us. An art consultant has deep knowledge and resources in one area—art. When designers can delegate the commercial art procurement process to us and move on with the rest of their duties, it’s a far more productive use of their time and everyone wins. Especially the client who is getting the best art for their property in the most cost-effective way possible.

art consultant services
art consultant services

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We love working with clients to create unique experiences for their visitors. It’s what we promise to provide in every project we take on. Book a consultation now to share your vision with us.