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Art Instantly Connects to Company Culture

Walk into’s Austin offices and the feeling of ‘home’ and all that it encompasses is tangible. The imagery speaks to caring, safety, nostalgia, and the multiple generations that the company serves. is a pairing platform that matches caregivers to children, seniors, pets, homes, and students. wanted to show that at its core, it is all about serving people. Selecting art that showcases company values and culture gives employees a daily connection to their mission, and powerful visuals to engage in company storytelling.

+ Behind The Scenes

A+A’s project manager, Inda l. Hahn, searched our extensive artist database to present many options that met those goals.

We thought of various ways to display people caring, without blatantly showing that in photos. What inspires ideas of home, without showing a photo of a house? How do we show you offer pet care without displaying images of just cats and dogs?

Even further, we explored different avenues of art to put in the office. Art is not constrained to solely being framed and hung on a wall. It can be three-dimensional, enlarged as a mural, a textured graphic, an original painting, a sculpture, or truly whatever you want it to be!

After gaining input from a diverse pool of generations of people who have worked in their facility, people they have cared for, and various local artists, we found authentic ways to reflect “caring” in art.
+ We commissioned colorful resin popsicles that looked like you could reach out and eat them!

We like to combine different types of media in an art package. It’s one way we help clients get the most out of their budget and it helps make each piece stand out from the others. Original art, digital graphics, a hand-painted mural, and prints combine to create a space that is entirely unique and feels like the moment you walk in!

The client absolutely loved the whimsical work of Austin-based muralist, Will Hatch Crosby! This large mural represents the layers and seasons of care that facilitates in a fun and colorful way.

Art is a path to storytelling for employees, recruits, and visitors! This project highlights the many ways art can connect to your brand and culture and create an engaging experience for all who enter in your space.

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