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Each individual’s taste of art is subjective and that’s the beauty of it. We all have diverse backgrounds and interests that bring us to experience art in our own ways. That is why we source our clients’ art selections from a vast database of artists from all over the world. Discovering which artists make the best fit for a project is the secret sauce to what we do!

A Diverse Database of Artists

When explaining our turnkey art consulting process, we emphasize that we represent our clients, not individual artists. We don’t limit ourselves to certain artists or certain types of artwork. We love to work with all artists and have every possibility of art available to our clients. This ensures the final art package aligns with their vision, values, brand, and design.


Clients partner with us to provide fresh, innovative ideas. We create an environment that stands out from competitors and attracts ideal visitors. We take your goals, search our deep database of resources, and even provide additional project-specific research to find the artists that make the best fit for your project. Art is much more than just a painting on the wall and we love to embrace that! 

Here’s a great example of how art for student housing can build your brand and exude passions and interests. The development team of The HillTop are long-time Austinites with a love for the city’s deep music roots. To bring their brand to life, Art + Artisans collaborated with the design team to develop an engaging story that connects to Austin’s music scene, history, and the awesome energy of student living!

Properties Need to Have Personality

We love working with clients who like to push boundaries and create unique experiences for their visitors. Developers want to differentiate their projects. When we enter the art selection phase of our four-step process, we focus on the people. We visualize who will be using the space every day and what we can bring to them that will be inspiring. It might be a connection to their community, profession or generation. Whatever it is, our job is to help people feel connected, bring joy into their daily experience and capture their attention. 

That’s the power of art!

A Well-Connected Team

Here at Art + Artisans, we have an outrageously creative and driven team. We are skilled project managers with diverse professional backgrounds and a wide range of experiences and connections. Each of us also views art differently. We know how to use our differences and individual talents to come together with collective wisdom and deliver truly extraordinary results to our clients, every time. 

A+A Team
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