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As a female founder of a full-service art consulting company, I am honored to serve clients in many sectors including corporate, multi-family, student housing, healthcare, and higher education. In 20+ years of business building, relationships have been one of the most valuable practices implementing the growth of my business — thanks to all the incredible men and women I’ve been able to collaborate with along the way!

Women’s History Month | Building Lasting Relationships

It’s empowering and inspiring to see women advancing in careers in commercial real estate.

That’s just one of the many reasons I’m a Board Member for CREW Austin — the leading organization for senior-level executive women and men in the Central Texas real estate community.

At CREW Austin, our mission is simple:

“To transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally.”

The Benefits of Being Involved with CREW Austin

I became active in CREW in 2011, when my youngest child was toddling and I finally felt like I had the time and energy to put myself ‘back out there’ again. What I didn’t expect was to become part of a group of women that truly became my friends and network.

CREW has impacted my career in so many ways. I have worked side by side with so many smart, talented people. We have planned fundraisers and programs, learned together, introduced the potential of a career in commercial real estate to young women, and had many, many laughs.

It’s been a huge blessing in our professional growth, too! We have grown as leaders, given each other a lot of business, connected each other with new employees, helped one another find jobs and lifted each other up every opportunity we can get.

I had the honor of completing the CREW Leadership Certificate with an incredible cohort of 70 women from across the country and in all fields of commercial real estate. I have attended conventions and leadership summits that have really impacted how I go about running my own company. Each time, I leave feeling inspired and energized, particularly after the most recent one this February in Tampa where I was really craving connection after the pandemic.

It’s at these events where there are real opportunities to deepen relationships, expand your network and be surrounded by some of the smartest, driven, most fun and welcoming people you’ll ever meet.

I have been a Board Member for three years and before that, I was Committee Chair. Involvement in organizations like CREW increase your level of expertise, and give you access to the most phenomenal people, resources, and educational opportunities to enhance your career.

I never hesitate to tell people all of the reasons I love my CREW!

Consider Applying to CREW!

If you want to be exposed to a group of insanely talented and caring individuals, then join our CREW! Learn more and consider applying here. I’d love to see you at our next event! Please come introduce yourself.

Here’s to Strong Women.

“Where we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

– Unknown

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