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When a person walks into a storefront, an office building, or a residential community, they are naturally going to pay close attention to how they feel within that space, as well as how they are treated. A hospitable staff goes a long way with customer service but a customer’s experience is an accumulation of all the interactions they had within that space—which can mean more than just human to human interaction. 

A customer’s experience is based on how your brand/business makes them feel overall. It’s emotional rather than just physical and there are many ways you can build an environment that truly connects to its visitors. 

But, it requires getting to know those visitors in order to give them a space that feels especially inviting to them. It also requires individuality because who wants to go into a space that has no personality or feels the same as somewhere else they’ve already been before? 

As art consultants, we work closely with real estate developers and commercial interior designers to provide innovative art solutions that really elevate the customer experience. 

As we’ve spent the last handful of months going through the rebranding process for Art + Artisans, as a team, we found ourselves putting a deep emphasis on the customer experience because ultimately, that’s what fuels each and every single one of our projects. 

Our Brand Promise

Here at Art + Artisans, we care deeply about our process and how our work transfers into our client’s success. We want to share our brand promise because it speaks to the value and experience, we aim to give each of our customers, as well as the power art can have on a given space.

The A+A Brand Promise

"In every interaction with Art + Artisans, we want our customers to feel our team cares about what is important to them, understands their vision and will translate it into something that connects people, sparks joy, and strengthens their community through art."

We are intentional about every aspect of our turnkey process and deeply consider each selection of art for a given space to ensure it’s innovative, customized, and delivers our client’s vision.

We use our expertise and creative vision to elevate spaces and develop an art package that reflects our client’s brand.

The art becomes the connection.

It brings the specific type of people you want to attract, leads to meaningful engagement, and inspires conversation. Art invites people in and helps tell your brand’s story. 

Texas State Chautauqua Hall Fish Bellies
Texas State Chautauqua Hall River of Leaves

Art for Higher Education – Texas State Chautauqua & Gaillardia Hall

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