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Art + Artisans Consulting was brought in to curate a customized art plan of bold pieces that would add a heightened sense of luxury to The Independent. We wanted the collection to feel hand-picked, personal, and thoughtfully selected, and for it to contribute to the joy residents feel coming home to this beautiful space.

We worked closely with the design team and drew on 20 years of connections in the art community as well as in-depth research. A wide range of artists, both seasoned professionals and emerging contributed pieces to the project. Overall there are 80 artworks from 23 Texas, National, and International artists. It’s a mix that reflects the residents who live here. Just like all of the details of this project, the art was very intentionally selected to create distinct experiences in each space. Artists were chosen for their ability to create pieces with a unique point of view that elicits an emotional response. The result is a wide net of multi-dimensional works that are dramatic, lush, and conversation-starting. They are pieces that will continue to offer something new and intriguing to residents and visitors for years to come.

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