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A company rooted in values like balance, sustainability, and community is all an employee and consumer can ask for, and Keurig Dr. Pepper (KDP) embodies just that. 

Being the leading beverage company in North America and the first to bring hot and cold beverages together at scale, KDP knows how to run a powerful business. With their commitment to sourcing, producing, and distributing beverages responsibly through their Drink Good. Do Good. platform, they really care about their impact on the environment. Not only that, but KDP puts a strong emphasis on cultivating an atmosphere of community in their home office, too. They care about their employees and the environment they experience day in and day out. 

Enhancing the KDP Workspace

Time away from the office has made a significant impact on company culture. By intentionally designing their brand new headquarters, KDP hopes to bring employees back confidently into the workplace, and thus, boost employee morale. They understand that utilizing art and design not only is visually appealing, but also enhances productivity, creativity, and communication. 

They wanted art installations that reflected their company values and gave new life to their products to remind employees of the “why” behind their day-to-day activities.


+ To commission an artist to create artwork using their sustainable packaging materials.

A+A Project Manager Melissa Spence worked closely with the KDP team to bring their vision to life and source the right artwork for their space. Originally, they were looking for sustainable artwork where the image came across as one of their products like water or coffee. However, as the artist worked and pitched new design concepts, their opinions started to change. 

The result evolved into an elevated pop art style — dimensional statement pieces created from KDP’s own repurposed packaging!

Image Inspiration
Material Inspiration
Original design concepts for KDP Headquarters
Original design concepts for KDP Headquarters

The installation’s use of sustainable materials showcases the full potential of upcycled items. The art is a perfect conversation starter to discuss the company’s Corporate Responsibility goals and vision for the future as they give tours to visitors and perspective new employees. 

These installations initiate a deeper message while still providing an epic WOW factor, allowing viewers to see the products they love through a fresh perspective. 

How Can We Tell A Deeper Story in Your Workspace?

Our projects start with understanding the vision our clients have for their space. Then, we select innovative art that expresses the brand story and attracts ideal visitors, employees, and tenants. Check out more of our work and inquire about your next art project here

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