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The Link at Uptown strengthened its brand story by intentionally incorporating iconic art throughout the Class AA Tower. The vibrantly backlit piece displayed in the lobby can be easily seen from the bustling street, luring people in from all over Dallas to view it. “People keep tapping at the door wanting to come in and take pictures,” the security guard shared. Everyone wants to come in and see this stunner!

The Link at Uptown

The Link at Uptown is a 25-story, Class AA office tower located in the heart of Uptown Dallas, serving as “the link” between Uptown, Victory Park, and Downtown Dallas. 

The Link is a gathering point to draw people together and inspire community. The developer’s goal is to create local ties and connection between different neighborhoods and people in different companies. It’s a central point for people to experience, connect and network.

Art That Connects

When Art + Artisans was brought on to install art pieces throughout this space, the client was clear on wanting art like no other tower in Dallas that would bring people together. They wanted a WOW factor piece in the lobby that stood out and was recognizably associated with The Link. As we explored our resources, our team looked for artists who could dive into the idea of creating a memorable experience that would foster community and inspire conversation. When the client saw work by Michael Szivos and his team, it was love at first sight!

The network of interlocking forms highlight the interconnection of the community and the three neighborhoods that merge at this location. 
The dichroic glass is backlit with LEDs and slowly changes color throughout the day. It can also be specifically programmed with colors that connect to holidays or community events!

Storytelling Through Art

On the amenities floor there are additional pieces that highlight the Dallas business community. From afar, viewers see the streetscapes of the three neighborhoods that join at The Link: Uptown, Downtown, and Victory Park. 

three neighborhoods join link three neighborhoods join link detailed

Once you step closer, you’ll notice the patterns, color and texture of the art are created from individually rolled Dallas Business Journal publications. The unusual and engaging art reveals new details every time it is observed. It serves as a storytelling piece for The Link to connect with the people who use this space everyday!

The client, Kaizen Development Partners, is known for going above and beyond in all they do. We knew the art installed inside this second-to-none office tower had to be state-of-the-art to match the amenities and attention to detail already captured in the space. The architectural and interior design work done by BOKA Powell is unlike any place else. Every aspect of the building, from the glass to the views, is stunning. This upholds the Kaizen philosophy that is centered on continuous improvement and always wanting to do better.

The Process

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a project this size and oftentimes, it can feel as if there are endless amounts of tasks and decisions to sort through. Callie Chinn served as the lead project manager from Art + Artisans and her strength was ensuring the project remained on schedule with everyone on the same page. It’s essential to coordinate group conversations with all the right players involved.

Callie shares, “We coordinate with the developer, architects, designers, artists, GCs, electricians and whoever else needs to be at the party! We ask the right questions and make sure the right people are at the table to keep the project moving forward, on time and on budget.”

By being thorough in the behind-the-scenes process, Callie makes certain to be on top of any issues that could potentially arise.

Callie values having the client’s back throughout the entire process. She explains, “It’s hard to understand the impact you are making when you are so in it. But once it’s over, seeing the results and the benefit it has for the client is so worth it.” 

The Link project is a prime example of art that connects. The Link connects neighborhoods and people and creates a memorable experience for locals and visitors.

It was a privilege to connect with the brilliant developers, designers, and architects that made up this project. If you find yourself in Uptown you should definitely stop by to check it out. It’s even better in person!

“Artwork within our buildings represents the final punctuation mark of quality and helps establish the soul and character of our spaces. We’ve utilized many methods of art procurement over the years, but the experience with Art + Artisans is second to none! The entire team is made up of passionate and professional individuals who are particularly skilled in translating between artists and businesspeople. From the initial presentation of artists until the hanging of the final installation, Art + Artisans has been a wonderful partner and addition to our development team.” 

– Nick Summerville
   Managing Partner | Kaizen Development Partners
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