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As art consultants for commercial clients, we often work with art selection committees. They’re a great way to include multiple stakeholders and employees in the process of selecting workplace art. But with more people comes more opinions and guiding them to select art is a specialized skill. In this article, we’ll share how we work to get everyone’s ideas reflected in the art selections, and achieve consensus and excitement on the final art package. We’ll also show you some of our past art selection committee projects.

Ground Rules for Art Consultants that Work with Committees

Art consultants that work with committees must operate with some important ground rules in order for the committee to be effective.

Once we’ve coordinated a schedule that works for everyone, we hold the kickoff meeting

The Art Selection Committee Kickoff Meeting

At the kick-off meeting, the project manager works to:

Once these details have been established, we walk committee members through how we work, that includes our four-step process of art acquisition: discovery, selection, production, and installation.

Our Four-Step Process for Working with Art Selection Committees

While our four-step process for art acquisition remains the same, how we get there varies a little when working with a committee of people.

Art Selection Committee Projects

Thompson Coe

For their new Dallas corporate headquarters, the law firm of Thompson Coe wanted a variety of artistic styles to make a strong first impression, inspire conversation, elevate the environment, and align with their interior design. We led their selection committee to find an art package that includes stunning digital photography, watercolor, oil painting and more.

Austin Energy

Austin Energy turned to us to lead the art selection for their new four-story headquarters. We helped them select an art package that’s engaging, inviting, textural, and authentic and unique to Austin.

Keurig/Dr. Pepper

We helped a committee at Keurig Dr. Pepper select art that highlights their brands and reflects company values. Mixed media compositions celebrate the art of reusing everyday materials by creating a second life for old packaging from KDP’s own products.


Art selection committees are a great way to include employees and stakeholders in the process of selecting art for the workplace. But leading a committee to select art is a specialized skill set. An experienced art consultant can ensure everyone’s opinion is heard and reflected in the final art package. This results in a sense of ownership for committee members that turns them into ambassadors for the art and for your organization. Contact us now to discuss how we can guide your art selection committee to the art you need.

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