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Art + Artisans expresses your story through art—whether that is to reinforce your brand, provide a connection to your community, or cultivate a specific environment.

We create thrilling spaces that reflect your brand and that your stakeholders want to spend time in.

Behind The Scenes

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When architect Brett Rhode set out to design what would become Austin’s tallest tower, he and the building’s developer envisioned a high-rise like no other on the skyline — one that would make a bold statement and be a distinctive landmark.

Now, as residents continue moving into the 58-story Independent condominium and the finishing touches are put on, that mission has been accomplished, observers say.

The building is...



As the 'color anchor' for this lobby, this piece draws their tech driven employees into conversation, resulting in the client's goal to create a space that supports collaboration and teamwork. #beneaththesurface #collaboration #color #culture #creatingmeaningfulspaces

Employees work harder, smarter and up to 15% quicker in an enhanced environment that features art. And BONUS, that number rises to 32% when employees are given input into which art to have in their surroundings, aka ART COMMITTEE! A committee is also an excellent way to engage team members at all levels across your organization. Even a small boost in PRODUCTIVITY is a huge win for the bottom line, but with numbers prove that an investment in art pays off. #art #companyculture #employeeengagement

Creating a Unique Connection to Your Community is a Joyful and Powerful Experience For You and Us

It’s why we come to work. It’s what we provide for every project we take on.