Art + Artisans creates spaces where people love to spend time. We provide innovative art solutions that reflect your unique community. Our expert team delivers customized art selections with turn-key project management. Art options you couldn’t find yourself installed on time and on budget!


Art is a key component for creating spaces that are DISTINCTIVE and ENGAGING.

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Art INSPIRES and CONNECTS to our identity. Draw people in. Curate an experience reflecting the local community.

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Create a space where people want to gather. That’s how conversation, interaction and collaboration happen. COMMUNITY BUILDS.


Art customizes. Turn away from the generic and create an EXCEPTIONAL, UNIQUE experience.

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Art commissioned specifically for your project! ✈️ When @galaxyfbo opened its new private hanger at Houston's @hobbyairport they wanted the perfect piece to welcome crew and guests to their beautiful space. Art + Artisans Consulting provided a wide net of artists to choose from and then managed the commission of this playful 'paper airplane' #sculpture , #powdercoated in a custom brand color.

What an Awesome Surprise! Our fabulous project manager @zarinka426 popped in for a quick hello and to introduce Sasha, our newest ‘team member!’ Crazy COVID times cannot keep the new mommy glow or smile away! #workfamily #newmom #artplusartisans

HYBRID OF HUMANITY This powerful #mural by @gonzo247 is almost complete at our project for @camdenliving Downton Houston. The inspiration is the artist's interactions with cultures from around the world. He mashes up these unique moments of learning and experiences with traditional elements of #graffiti art culture. Patterns represent different peoples, places and interactions. With our cities and country in need of equality and healing, I love this larger than life artistic representation of unity and humanity working as one. #unity #diversity #humankind #artinstallations #artplusartisans


It’s why we come to work. It’s what we provide for every project we take on.