Art + Artisans creates spaces where people love to spend time. We provide innovative art solutions that reflect your unique community. Our expert team delivers customized art selections with turn-key project management. Art options you couldn’t find yourself installed on time and on budget!


Art is a key component for creating spaces that are DISTINCTIVE and ENGAGING.

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Art INSPIRES and CONNECTS to our identity. Draw people in. Curate an experience reflecting the local community.

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Create a space where people want to gather. That’s how conversation, interaction and collaboration happen. COMMUNITY BUILDS.



Art customizes. Turn away from the generic and create an EXCEPTIONAL, UNIQUE experience.

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Congratulations graduates! It seems like the perfect time to celebrate this project at the Performing Arts Center at @samhoustonstate The double-height, gorgeous blown glass sculpture by Jason Lawson takes your breath away and captures your attention immediately both inside and outside the building. The larger than life photographs of the #shsu dancers by Joe Aker are printed on metal and entirely exquisite. Cheers to all graduates!!! #artinstallation #classof2020 #artplusartisans #artforhighereducation

Class C Multi-Family Refresh Featuring Art! An experience that feels welcoming and like 'home' is key for perspective tenants whether they are doing a virtual or in-person tour. If you are working on a ground-up property or a refresh to help an older development feel modern and up-to-date, art creates a space where people can envision themselves living! Check out our Multi-family Art Mood Board Collections for lots of easy ideas on elevating your property! #multifamily #artwork #artconsulting #installation #apartmentliving

ARTIST-CUSTOMIZED GRAPHICS! We get a lot of client requests for graphics. I think graphics and murals are a GREAT way to connect to company values and reinforce #brand As we shift to a #workplace that is likely to see employees spending less time at the office, a space that is a strong reflection of company culture reminds team members of their mission and why they do the work they do.

Particularly in today's environment I think it is really beautiful to envision each of these waves as our amazing #healthcareworkers around the county gathering in those who need care. #artinstallation #artforhealthcare #artplusartisans We installed this striking sculpture, Gathering Waves by Daniel Goldstein, at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Austin designed by @pagethink . The 60' long piece just takes your breath away when you enter the lobby. I love Daniel's thought process that inspired the design. The strong forward motion represents our military forces. Each spiral represents all of the different branches of medicine--physical, emotional, and psychological that move out to embrace all members of the military.


It’s why we come to work. It’s what we provide for every project we take on.