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Art + Artisans brings joy to our clients by capturing exactly what makes their organization so special and creatively reflecting that vision to their community of employees, clients, residents and visitors. We create gathering spaces where people connect, collaborate, and socialize—the fuel for engagement, creativity, and productivity—leading to stronger organizations and communities.

Behind The Scenes

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Vida Capital

Austin, Texas

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This client came to us with the challenge of housing the traditionally offsite R&D team within the executive floor of their new regional headquarters. Imagine google moving into an insurance company. Two worlds colliding. But approached with intention, the idea was a purposeful contrast that could spark collaboration, inspire discovery and resonate with clients and employees throughout the region. The space was designed to harness...



Elegant. Dynamic. Detailed. This gorgeous wood 'textile' installation in the lobby of The Independent is different from every angle. The curved design flows from the double height ceiling to the floor and feels reminiscent of Ladybird Lake just a few blocks away. The warm, organic design is a perfect contrast to the cool, sleek mailboxes. This one took my breathe away!

Taking design inspiration from boutique hotels, the new Otto and Ava complexes in Dallas offer a coffee shop vibe where young professionals can come home to a soulful, comforting space with amazing amenities. A mix of original art and prints, neutrals with pops of color give a sophisticated feel with a touch of party!

Public Art at Texas State University

Check out our 10 year partnership with TX State and how every installation throughout the campus is unique to it's own location.

Creating a Unique Connection to Your Community is a Joyful and Powerful Experience For You and Us

It’s why we come to work. It’s what we provide for every project we take on.