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Art + Artisans brings joy to our clients by capturing exactly what makes their organization so special and creatively reflecting that vision to their community of employees, clients, residents and visitors. We create gathering spaces where people connect, collaborate, and socialize—the fuel for engagement, creativity, and productivity—leading to stronger organizations and communities.

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The Independent

Austin, TX

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When architect Brett Rhode set out to design what would become Austin’s tallest tower, he and the building’s developer envisioned a high-rise like no other on the skyline — one that would make a bold statement and be a distinctive landmark.

Now, as residents continue moving into the 58-story Independent condominium and the finishing touches are put on, that mission has been accomplished, observers say.

The building is...

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My first 'real job' out of college was not in the art world, but in the sales department of what was Austin's Z102 and KEY 103 radio. We were in a Class B building and our offices were depressing and dingy to say the least. The sales team would commiserate while smoking in the tiny, grimy breakroom. I assure you, no one in management was particularly concerned about whether we were happy at our jobs, only if we were hitting out targets....



“We wanted each piece to feel hand-picked, personal and thoughtfully selected, and to contribute to the joy residents feel coming home to this beautiful space,” - Jennifer Seay Founder & President Art + Artisans Consulting

Taking oars to a whole new level! Paddleboarding and rowing, yes, but using this hand-painted, artisan designed collection by Shane Allbritton as a device for #placemaking on the shores of Ladybird Lake. Something to think about while you play on the water this Labor Day Weekend!! #art #multifamilyrealestate #atx #labordayweekend

Elegant. Dynamic. Detailed. This gorgeous wood 'textile' installation in the lobby of The Independent is different from every angle. The curved design flows from the double height ceiling to the floor and feels reminiscent of Ladybird Lake just a few blocks away. The warm, organic design is a perfect contrast to the cool, sleek mailboxes. This one took my breathe away!

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