The Independent

Multifamily Luxury Apartments

Location: Austin, TX
Project Type: 58 floors Luxury residential tower, Original commissioned artwork and prints
Client: The Independent

The Independent is a prominent beacon of the Austin skyline. The uniqueness of the architecture mirrors the interiors with dimensional and textural art that expresses movement and inspires conversation.

For this art installation, Art + Artisans chose an elevated, museum-quality aesthetic with art that offered something more than what first meets the eye. Each piece of art adds to the elevated experience of this 2021 International Architecture award-winning luxury residence.

The double-height wood installation in the lobby is striking from both inside and outside the building. The elegant, floor-to-ceiling curved wood pieces seem to change perspective entirely as you move around the piece. The pattern is reminiscent of the nearby Lady Bird Lake, and the light bouncing off the white space resembles light bouncing off the water. The monumental installation adds warmth and organic contrast to the ultra-modern lobby.