Confidential Professional Services Firm

Location: Dallas, TX
Completion: November 2018

Project Type:
200,000 Corporate Headquarters
Class AA Tower, 7 Floors
Original commissioned artwork, custom graphics, and prints

Project Goals

  • Tie in company culture, values, and brand
  • Engage employees
  • Celebrate Dallas Neighborhoods, Culture, and Icons
  • Memorial piece

“Working with Art + Artisans was a positive and rewarding client experience because they focus on building relationships in order to develop an understanding of the client vision for the office space. This contributes to their successful delivery and ability to anticipate the needs of their clients. The art creates a sense of pride and is a tangible reflection of our connection to the community and our office culture.”

Cheryl HaganMarket Operations Leader

The Outcome

When this Fortune 500 Firm moved into a new regional headquarters, it put a spotlight on innovation and its strong connection and history to Dallas.

A dimensional mylar sculpture and custom neon piece are created in the company’s brand colors to set the tone of the space and give the feeling of moving forward into the future.

Custom hand-painted murals, graphics and photography capture themes of local culture and entertainment, historical places, civic icons, and popular neighborhoods. It creates an environment that connects employees and visitors to company culture and uniqueness Dallas.

Energetic, hand-painted murals with a discovery theme envelop the glass enclosed Experience Center, an office within an office that focuses on the company’s values of working together to reimagine the possible. The innovative art sets the tone for innovative solutions!

Art + Artisans helped reimagine the interior stairwell that connects its seven floors and turned it from a no-man’s land into an activated space. Hand-painted patterned backgrounds combine with graphics that support the company-wide Wellness Initiative. The graphics were applied to magnetic white boards that can be updated and changed out, so these colorful murals can remain an energetic interior component with timely and impactful messaging for years to come.

An Expression of Culture

In a genuine expression of its culture, this company commissioned a memorial piece of artwork to honor the memory and spirit of Botham Jean, a Dallas company employee who was tragically murdered in his own home. Artists worked with native wood from Texas, Bo’s adopted home and used the colors of St. Lucia, his birthplace. Over 10,000 wood dowels were used to create a three-dimensional pointillism portrait of Bo that captures the warmth that drew people to him. Not only does the piece serve as a forever reminder of a cherished team member, but it is a symbol of the culture of care that this company delivers to its employees.