Confidential Financial Firm Campus

Location: Austin, TX
Completed: 2019

Project Type:
Corporate Campus

Project Goals

    • Art that aligns with company brand
    • Innovative
    • Engages employees
    • Builds community
    • Source local artists

“Working with Art + Artisans has been critical in accomplishing what we are trying to create. They are a great team to work with and provide ideas and the support that we need for a project of this size. They have been with us from the conceptual phase all the way through to the implementation phase, supporting us and providing us with solutions to all we are trying to accomplish. There were many changes that had to be made and things to adapt to and they accomplished everything despite these challenges. It has been a very successful project.”

Client Curator

The Outcome

When this Fortune 500 firm built its new campus in Austin, they wanted to make a strong community connection by working with local artists to strengthen ties to the city. This was the first time all employees would be housed in one location and fostering connection was important. Artwork needed to grab attention, inspire conversation, and appeal to a younger, tech-savvy employee base.

Art for each of the campus’s buildings focuses on the voluminous main lobbies that welcome visitors and also serve as collaboration spaces. Color and interactive pieces encourage everyone to experience the art while creating great opportunities for social engagement.

Each lobby installation is unique, mesmerizing and reinforces the company’s culture of innovation. A monumental, fully functioning manual clock over the grand staircase beams energy. Employees and visitors are encouraged to wind the crank and become part of keeping the momentum going.

In the digital marketing building, a large-scale piece combines concrete and vibrant acrylic. The mix of media, textures and color is stunning from across the room, but also draws you in to examine the details up close!

In one employee building, 8- 23’ tall cylinders, each consisting of 365 handwoven monofilament wires, create an illusion that the columns are beams of light flowing either up or down. Set against the backdrop of an ombre-painted wall, this jaw-dropping piece is a hypnotic experience.