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Installing artwork for commercial real estate requires a lot of preparation. Planning begins from the very first conversations you have with your art consultant. We’re Texas-based art consultants Art + Artisans and we make it easy for commercial real estate developers to get artwork for their properties. This article focuses on the final part of our four-part art acquisition process—Installation. Developers, architects, and interior designers, please read on to learn how early you should start planning for the installation of artwork on your commercial property.

Video: Installation of the Vessels Art installation at Angelina Hall, Texas State University. San Marcos, TX

When to Bring an Art Consultant on Board

installing artwork for commercial real estateTo install artwork on your commercial property in the most cost-effective way possible, it’s best to bring an art consultant on board at the beginning of your project. Having someone on your team who knows whether your specified materials will work with the artwork you select can save you a lot of time and money. Art consultants can also advise you on the correct support structures, wiring and other architectural considerations for the most effective and impactful installation of your artwork. At the very least, bring an art consultant on board before the schematic development phase if large-scale statement artwork or sculpture is involved. And bring them on board by the design development phase of your project to ensure your interior artwork is cohesive with the design concept. Waiting any later almost always leads to added expenses and artwork that’s less integrated into the property.


Planning for the Installation of Your Artwork

There are a number of architectural design issues to take into consideration when installing artwork at a commercial property. For larger statement pieces, it can take up to a year and half of planning to achieve the most cost-effective installation. Which is why we recommend bringing an art consultant on board as early as possible to oversee all the details. The following are a few of the installation details that the LEED and PMP-certified project management team at Art + Artisans oversees for our clients.

Large Statement Pieces
Our project managers can provide time and money-saving guidance about how well your project’s specified materials will support large statement art if they are brought in during the architectural design phase of the project. They can also advise you about the right structure, such as wall, floor or ceiling support, needed to hang or otherwise support large artwork.
Interactive Artwork
For interactive pieces that utilize data, A+A project managers will ensure the data and electrical are in the right location for the selected art.
Artwork Lighting
A+A project managers will ensure proper lighting is in place when it’s needed to showcase the art or is part of the artwork itself.
Outdoor Pieces
We coordinate with city officials and contractors to help oversee the permitting process if required for delivery and installation of large-scale sculptures and murals. We also advise you on the foundation and placement of sculptures.
Installation Specs
Prior to delivery of the artwork, A+A project managers will coordinate with the general contractor on your project and visit the construction site to ensure all installation specs have been adhered to.
installing artwork for commercial real estate Texas State Chautauqua Hall Fish Bellies

Photos: One of the many installation details an art consultant oversees is ensuring proper lighting is in place when it’s needed to showcase or is part of the artwork itself.

Onsite Coordination of Your Artwork Delivery

Your Art + Artisans project manager will handle the entire artwork delivery process. The following are some of the details we oversee.

  • Booking of specialized fine art delivery service.
  • Registering access to the dock and freight elevator on site.
  • Designating a staging area to safely unpack and inspect the artwork.
  • Coordinating with the general contractor and other trades, such as furniture, signage, or painters.
  • Overseeing the unpacking, inspecting the artwork for any damage.
  • Promptly arranging for the correction of any issues that may arise.

Once the artwork has been inspected and approved, it’s time for installation. This is performed by a specialist while the A+A project manager guides them on the exact height and placement for each piece of art.

installing artwork for commercial real estate installing artwork for commercial property

Maintenance Recommendations

If the artwork you purchased requires special maintenance or cleaning, your project manager will provide you with recommendations.

Engagement Recommendations

Studies have shown that art in the workplace, if implemented correctly, can improve employee wellbeing and productivity. Public art can also be a powerful tool for connecting with the surrounding community. Art + Artisans assists our clients in making the most of their art investment by providing recommendations for art engagement opportunities for employees, clients, and the general public.

Resources to Learn More about Installing Artwork for Commercial Real Estate

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