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With unemployment at a 49-year low, talented people can pick and choose the jobs they really want with the companies they most want to work for. Organizations must differentiate themselves to make good hires and then effectively engage employees to keep them. Art can be an important tool in a company’s tool chest to create an environment that reflects their brand, enriches the employee experience and promotes creativity and collaboration. An inspiring environment where people want to spend time gives everyone a sense of pride. It can positively impact employees’ moods and morale, increase productivity, and decrease sick days. According to Bisnow, “Employee engagement helps increase profitability and decrease absenteeism, making a positive work experience key to how effective employees are.” There have been plenty of studies to support how critical creating the right environment is in today’s workplace:

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  • More than 80% of job applicants would outright reject a job offer if they didn’t like the workplace, according to
  • And 97% of employees consider the office environment as directly related to how their company values them, according to a British Council for Offices study.

Art adds energy and joy to a space and brings company culture to life, while at the same time expressing what an organization finds most important. Whether that is innovation, inclusivity, solving a problem for a specific community, caring for our planet, or a host of others, art puts an organization’s values at the forefront making them a visual, palpable part of daily experience. This visual cue gives potential new hires a sense of an organization’s character—its vibe, what it’s like to work there. A space where art and design align with brand and culture provides an authentic way for companies to express themselves and can act as part of the pitch in attracting applicants that would make a great fit.

For current team members, art that ties to a company’s purpose reminds employees of the meaning behind their work and increases their sense of purpose. Engaged employees will go the extra mile because they feel a strong emotional connection to the organization. They want their business to succeed because they identify with their company’s values on a personal level. Engaged employees in turn create loyalty-inspiring experiences for customers, which will ultimately drive profits.

Bottom Line, If You Want People To Come, Stay, And Work Hard, Create A Place That They Feel Connected To And A Space Where They Enjoy Spending Time!

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