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There are so many ways you can use art to engage your stakeholders and connect with the community. At our client’s new digital marketing building they wanted art to speak to their young professionals and tech crowd. Public spaces become gathering and meeting spots that give employees the chance to have spontaneous conversation that can lead to new ideas. This piece is huge. It’s striking. It has an unusual combination of materials. People are drawn in to check out the details and it has sparked a ton of conversation and reaction. It created a buzz.

When we select art for our projects, we focus on the people. People want to be someplace that is cool, that they can tell their friends about and that they identify with it. We visualize who will be using this space every day and what we can bring to help them feel connected to it. It might be a shared connection to their community, profession or generation. Or it might just be something that is undeniably cool. Whatever it is, our job is to inspire, draw people together and bring joy into their daily experience. When you can build those connections, people want to be a part of it!

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