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Creating meaningful spaces for our clients begins with understanding and then telling the story they want to share with their public. For the project to be successful, it is equally important to ensure that what was agreed upon and specified is ultimately what is fabricated. Our professional team of project managers has a unique blend of talent, and many years of expertise in fine arts, interior design, and art and sculpture installation. This experience, along with our systems, allows projects to move accurately from concept, to fabrication, to installation.

Our management process including studio visits, inspection of works in progress and at completion, and a detailed list of questions to ensure that what is created meets everyone’s expectations. We work closely with amazing artists, tracking and communicating along all phases. Whether the commissioned artwork is an oil on canvas, or a series of 2000lb steel sculptures like the ones for Texas State University, ensuring quality is a top priority. This attention to detail ensures that projects stay on schedule, that we proactively problem-solve any production concerns, and that the finished artwork is reason for celebration!

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