Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic

Location: Austin, TX
Completed: March 2013

Project Type:
Outpatient Clinic

Project Goals

  • Create a sense of awe
  • Engaging, diverse media
  • Bring nature in
  • Create a connection to Central Texas
  • Connect to the diverse population of veterans who will use the facility daily

The Veterans Affairs contracted Art + Artisans through a competitive bid process to provide art consulting services for their new 225,000 square Austin outpatient clinic including lobby, corridors, exam rooms, and group rooms. Art + Artisans provided turn-key services including management of the overall art budget, research and selection of commissioned art and photography, placement and procurement of all artworks, and security installation of 200 pieces of art including a monumental, commissioned hanging sculpture.

The monumental hanging sculpture, Gathering Waves, serves as an uplifting sight for visitors. The unrolling spirals of “Gathering Waves” look like waves but the spirals also gather the force and power of those waves. The waves embody the strong forward motion that one thinks of as a military force. The curving inward at the far end of each spiral brings to mind the gathering together and caring for all the members of that military force.

This is the mission of the VA Outpatient Care. All the different branches of medicine and care, whether they are physical, emotional or psychological are branches of the VA and come from one point (the VA itself) and move out to embrace all the members of the military.

The Outcome

Art was chosen to provide a soothing environment for our Veterans with lots of natural, cultural elements of Central Texas: trees, water, rocks, flora and fauna, Austin lifestyle and comforting imagery of healthy, happy, caring people.