Texas A&M University - School of Veterinary Medicine

Higher Education School of Veterinary Medicine

Location: College Station, TX
Project Type: Higher Education School of Veterinary Medicine
Client: Texas A&M University

Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary medicine hired Art + Artisans to guide the school with their art program as it updated its Small Animal Clinic and constructed new academic buildings in its centennial year. The goal of the art program was to emphasize the human/animal bond and showcase the College with an elevated space befitting the leading Veterinary College in the country.

The artwork is distinctive, innovative, and purposeful. Along each side of the main school corridor are lenticular panels that change imagery depending on the viewer’s perspective. One direction shows images of different types of animals, while the other shows images of veterinary medical professionals treating animals. Looking more closely, you see the images are composed of the veterinarian oath students take at graduation.