5 Big Benefits of Art in the Workplace

Create an environment that supports your brand, expresses your culture and engages employees.


Art is an important tool in a company’s tool chest to create an environment that reflects your brand, enriches the employee experience and promotes creativity and collaboration. In the span of just a few weeks we saw a 49-year low in unemployment evaporate, and the national workforce disperse. Companies now need to figure out their strategies for the new normal and keeping their teams healthy, happy and productive.

With work from home likely here to stay as part of how companies operate post-pandemic, the workplace will transition. We could soon see large percentages of employees working at home one or more days per week. The office, once the key place to 'get work done,' will become the social and cultural hub of an organization. This is where teams will collaborate to share creativity and where brand and culture will be headquartered. As employees spend less time at the office, keeping them engaged and connected to company values and culture will take on new significance.