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There are so many ways you can use art to engage your stakeholders and connect with the community. At our client's new digital marketing building they wanted art to speak to their young professionals and tech crowd. Public spaces become gathering and meeting spots that give employees the chance to have spontaneous conversation that can lead to new ideas. This piece is huge. It’s striking. It has an unusual combination of materials. People are...


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Last week the A+A project managers took part in the CODAworx Summit: The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place in El Paso Texas. The focus was on the ways creative professionals are incorporating technology to create innovative art, and how that is changing the way we experience our environments.

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My first 'real job' out of college was not in the art world, but in the sales department of what was Austin's Z102 and KEY 103 radio. We were in a Class B building and our offices were depressing and dingy to say the least. The sales team would commiserate while smoking in the tiny, grimy breakroom. I assure you, no one in management was particularly concerned about whether we were happy at our jobs, only if we were hitting out targets....

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This client came to us with the challenge of housing the traditionally offsite R&D team within the executive floor of their new regional headquarters. Imagine google moving into an insurance company. Two worlds colliding. But approached with intention, the idea was a purposeful contrast that could spark collaboration, inspire discovery and resonate with clients and employees throughout the region. The space was designed to harness...

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With unemployment at a 49-year low, talented people can pick and choose the jobs they really want with the companies they most want to work for. Organizations must differentiate themselves to make good hires and then effectively engage employees to keep them. Art can be an important tool in a company’s tool chest to create an environment that reflects their brand, enriches the employee experience and promotes creativity and collaboration. An...


We are so excited to be partnering with Art Alliance Austin for the 2019 Art City Austin Festival! Join us at Republic Square April 13-14 for an amazing weekend celebrating our "art city." Be sure to stop by the Amica Insurance Stage at 2pm on the 13th for a panel discussion on Creating Meaningful Spaces. Jennifer Seay will be joined by PDR Director, Shawna Hills, PwC's Greater Texas People Leader, Jeannne Jones, and Rachel Schoening with...


Clients frequently come to us with a goal of wanting to build community in the workplace. They want to show perspective team members that their company is a great place to work where people thrive, and that it cares about employee happiness. They also want current team members to be happy, work hard and stay. In other words, attracting top talent and then retaining it is a top priority. Creating gathering places where employees can connect...

12 months

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When I was a kid, on the rare occasions my parents took us on a plane, upon landing my mother would sometimes exclaim ‘What a beautiful airport!’. I would laugh in my head and wonder, who thinks an airport is beautiful? Now that I am a grown-up, an art consultant, and travel frequently with my own kids, I have a much better appreciation for the beauty of a great airport.

For me there are four factors that take an airport from good to...


Located in West Campus near the University of Texas at Austin, Skyloft is the city’s newest luxury, high-rise, student housing development that focuses on first-class amenities throughout their 18 floors. With panoramic city views from the rooftop pool deck and a study lounge with a built-in coffee bar, Skyloft is the ideal place to get some studying done or spend quality time with friends.

Art +...


Creating meaningful spaces starts with figuring out what kind of story a client wants to tell, and an understanding of how art can bring that story to life. For one of our latest projects, our client wanted work that reflected its think outside-the-box company culture, engaged employees, sparked conversation, and helped bring energy and vibrancy to their space. Another important element was supporting their community by working with local...

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Building on a 10-year partnership, the Art + Artisans team has loved collaborating with Texas State University once again to bring art that represents the school's culture to the university's new state of the art Willow Hall, which houses the College of Health Professions on the Round Rock campus. Through imagery of willow trees, water ripples, and bobcats (a special reference to the school’s mascot) the building’s health professions program...

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Earlier this year, the Art + Artisans team traveled to Dallas to attend the 2018 Power to Potential Conference, hosted by the Southwest Chapter of the Women’s Business Council. We were thrilled to have been selected as one of the 16 Woman Owned Businesses to give a ‘Power Pitch’ to spread our company’s message to corporate sponsors including PepsiCo, American Airlines, Nokia, and Toyota among many others. As a certified WBE, we believe in...

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It’s no secret at Art + Artisans, we believe that art has the power to transform both the energy and value of a space. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, new research has shown that the presence of creative and refreshing art is strongly linked to better performance in real estate sales.

In a recent feature, 6sqft explored the...

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Filled with amenities, modern design, and a selection of adaptable space, co-working locations like Firmspace, WeWork, and Swivel have become the office alternative, each offering a different approach to this growing workspace solution.

A Unique Community

Co-working spaces offer an open environment that naturally fosters community among various types of professionals. These...

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At the end of 2017, I was thinking about goals for the new year—goals for myself, my team, and Art + Artisans. I became focused on the concept of leadership. How could I best lead my company? How could I support each of my team members to lead; to achieve excellence? CREW had been sending me emails about their Leadership Certificate Program around that time. Leadership development is one of the tenets of CREW, and this opportunity sounded...


The Groves residence on South Lamar is modern, eclectic and in one word, cool. This is one of the busy South Austin neighborhood’s newest multi-family communities, and is close to a wide variety of nightlife, entertainment and restaurants. The unique spirit of the Groves’ location was a key factor as the Art + Artisans team worked to select artwork for the project.

The goal for the Groves was to celebrate the trendy...

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Recently opened in Austin’s newest downtown tower at 500 W. 2nd, Firmspace offers its client an elevated co-working environment for business executives. Founded in 2016, by Matt Ferstler and Justin Bayne, Firmspace’s goal was to create a co-working space for professional and legal communities with upscale interiors in unprecedented class A spaces. The new Austin office features panoramic views of downtown,...

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Last week our team attended Bisnow’s Future of Downtown Austin panel. Led by our very own Jennifer Seay, the panel discussed upcoming changes and trends in the downtown including growing retail spaces, public art and parks, new transportation and public-private partnerships.

So much great insight was shared from our panel of industry experts! Here are a few key learnings:

Growing the Retail Space



Specializing in space planning and full-service interior design, PPDS is an Austin-based, woman-owned design firm and a frequent collaborator of Art + Artisans. Together we have completed numerous projects, from Houston to San Antonio to Austin, that connect and engage the people who use them. Get a look into a few projects we completed together below.

Lenox Trails



Art + Artisans is here to help you stay up to date with the exciting things happening in the art industry. From new immersive exhibits to a museum that will text you artwork, check out the stories below for a look into our industry.

Pumpkin Love

One of Yayoi Kusama’s popular and iconic “Infinity Mirror Room” installations has arrived in Dallas. “All the Eternal Love I have for Pumpkins” is...

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After months of planning, Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Services is getting a new look with an incredible installation of 16 unique murals composed of lenticular fins. The installation captures the dedication it takes each student to complete their education, reflects the work they do every day and shows the compassionate, strong bond between humans and animals.

The installation spans the entire main...

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Recently installed: a 3D custom mural in a Facebook Affiliate Office in Dallas. The artist's idea to bring the Pegasus to life along with a nod to this 21st -century company shapes the experience for employees and guests and pays homage to this beloved Dallas classic. The Pegasus originally sat atop the Renaissance Revival Magnolia Building built for the Magnolia Oil Company in 1934. The centerpiece of Dallas' famous skyline now rests at...

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Creating meaningful spaces for our clients begins with understanding and then telling the story they want to share with their public. For the project to be successful, it is equally important to ensure that what was agreed upon and specified is ultimately what is fabricated. Our professional team of project managers has a unique blend of talent, and many years of expertise in fine arts, interior design, and art and sculpture installation....