Art is one of the easiest ways to create an exceptional workplace experience and express your company culture. An office that is welcoming and showcases who you are as a company is key to recruiting and retaining the best employees. Art positively affects our moods and morale which leads to a BIG increase in productivity—higher quality work with 15-32% more efficiency! Want to see the data? Read our white paper!

Art, graphics and murals convey your brand and communicate company values. They remind teams why their work matters. Are you a Texas company? Working with local Texas artists shows your connection to the local community and inspires your employees. Art gets people talking! Love a piece or hate it, art starts conversations that bring people together and lead to creativity and collaboration!

Art + Artisans is a Texas art consultant that has helped hundreds of companies select, procure and install art to bring their space to life. Our proven process makes it fun and easy for our clients to purchase and display art that best represents their workplace culture. We work directly with you or collaborate with your design and project management teams to ensure the artwork feels intentional and seamlessly integrates into your overall design. Our team will coordinate with all other vendors as we manage and oversee delivery and art installation, so the entire process is smooth and entirely stress-free for you!

Check out how we helped these amazing companies use art to engage employees, connect to the local community and express their brands in creative and exciting ways!

  • "The art creates a sense of pride and is a tangible reflection of our connection to the community and our office culture."
  • - CHERYL HAGAN, Market Operations Leader | Confidential Professional Service Firm