The HillTop

Here's a great example of how art for student housing can build your brand! The development team of The HillTop are long-time Austinites with a love for the city's deep music roots. To bring their brand to life Art + Artisans developed an engaging story that connects to Austin's music scene, history and the awesome energy of student living!

An electrifying hand-painted mural and commissioned fabric LED light sticks embody the Austin vibe and instantly grab your attention on foot or car as you pass by. Custom graphic murals highlight a musician's journey through Austin’s music scene. Lower floors feature starter venues like The Cactus Café and Saxon Pub. As you ascend floors and ‘move up’ in your music career, Austin institutions like Antone's, Stubbs, and The Continental Club are showcased. Commissioned metal art and uniquely framed prints of music icons spanning the decades weave through amenities spaces. The main entry corridor that features historic photos of UT dorms and students in retro frames modernized with bold splashes of color! A customized chart of the elements adds a cheeky twist to the student lounge.

Student Housing Artwork
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