Art + Artisans uses art in higher education projects to bring a sense of pride to our clients. We capture what makes your organization or program special and creatively reflect that vision to your community of students, faculty and visitors.

Our extensive experience providing art for higher education projects includes interior and exterior art installations for academic and administration buildings as well as university student residences. We have expertise guiding university art committees to consensus through our turn-key proven process to select artwork. The final result of our work together will bring a sense of welcome and pride, provide a strong connection to your school and local area, and appeal to the diverse community that will visit your facilities daily.

As your project partner we become part of your community so that together we can create inspiring environments that put students and staff at the center of a curated art experience that reflects your goals!

“Working with the Art + Artisans staff was a pleasure. They approached our project with a positive attitude, determined to make sure our end result matched our beginning goals. Jennifer and [the project management team] were always responsive to our requests and I felt – throughout the project – that they took care to complete their work in a highly professional and thoroughly accountable manner. I look forward to working with them on a continued basis as we select even more items for future residence hall installations.”

- DR. ROSANNE PROITE, Director | Department of Housing and Residential Life, Tx State University, San Marcos