"always responsive to our requests and I felt – throughout the project – that they took care to complete their work in a highly professional and thoroughly accountable manner.”

In their words...

Julie Lewis

Chief Human Resources Officer, Jackson Walker

“Thank you for helping us through the selection and installation of a beautiful art collection for our Austin office. Everyone loves the pieces and we are thrilled! The art walk you led after installation was such a great end to the project. We had so many employees participate and loved learning about the artists and the process behind the pieces in our collection. It was so well received and such an easy way to bring everyone together and help build community in our office!”

Mary Bledsoe,

Founder and Principle, Curated.

"I have worked with Jennifer and her team at Art + Artisans for more than a decade. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence in all that they do is apparent in every project. Art + Artisans is flexible in their approach to suit client and project needs, and I have worked with them on numerous commissioned works as well as simpler pursuits to meet less expansive needs. Under Jennifer’s leadership I know that the A+A team will treat each of my clients with the care and level of service they expect; and that her team will see even challenging project eventualities through with grace and aplomb. Great art, great team!"


Confidential Financial Firm

“Working with Art Plus Artisans has been critical in accomplishing what we are trying to create. They are a great team to work with and provide ideas and the support that we need for a project of this size. They have been with us from the conceptual phase all the way through to implementation phase, supporting us and providing us with solutions to all we are trying to accomplish. There were many changes that had to be made and things to adapt to and they accomplished everything despite these challenges. It has been a very successful project.”

Sharon Kasachkoff,

Chief Logistics Officer of Jackson Walker

“When we moved our headquarters into the newest Class A+ building in the Dallas Arts District, we wanted to make sure our employees, the new community and our physical space felt cohesive. The office needed to be visually stimulating and inspire conversation. Teams from all levels sought art that was transformative, not just the typical paintings on the wall. We absolutely love the art. I could not be more pleased. I look forward to seeing what more we might add."

Jennifer Stromatt,

Corporate Properties Project Manager, Wells Fargo

“We contracted with Art Plus Artisans for the Wells Fargo Wealth, West Houston location, and we could not be more pleased! Their attention to detail, expertise on selecting the right pieces for the space, and professionalism proved to be a great asset in this project.”

Dr. Rosanne Proite,

Director, Department of Housing and Residential Life, Tx State University, San Marcos

“Working with the Art + Artisans staff was a pleasure. They approached our project with a positive attitude, determined to make sure our end result matched our beginning goals. Jennifer and [the project management team] were always responsive to our requests and I felt – throughout the project – that they took care to complete their work in a highly professional and thoroughly accountable manner. I look forward to working with them on a continued basis as we select even more items for future residence hall installations.”

April Miller,

Owner, Project Manager, AE Miller Management Partners

“The whole A+A team was very easy to work with, communicate with and integrated seamlessly into our project team. I’ll definitely use them again! They also gave us lots of options and even pushed the client to things that might not have been on their radar, but in the end turned out to be great recommendations.”

Lisa Gilson,

Gauge Capital

“Couldn’t be more pleased if I tried!!!”