The Art + Artisans Experience Sets Our Team Apart

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We prioritize client needs above all else and bring customized art options and expert management to every project. We connect and build trust with our clients and then develop and execute an art plan that does more than just put art on the walls, it expresses your story and creates engaging experiences. We are listeners and achievers, determined to offer clients the highest level of service.

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We have an outrageously creative and driven team. Our strengths are a result of our diverse professional backgrounds and wide range of experience—everything from interior design, graphic design, art history, client service, the gallery world and project management. This allows us to excel at a full range of projects, from the simple to the complex.



Art + Artisans has a thriving company culture. We believe that a strong community is the foundation for success. We know how powerful art is. It inspires, brings people together and makes people happy. We love that we get to deliver that into the world.


It’s why we come to work. It’s what we provide for every project we take on.