ART + ARTISANS partners with you on a project-to-project basis to provide all art related services.  Our turn-key process for art acquisition begins with concept development, research and selection, and goes through procurement and vendor management to final delivery and installation.  In addition to art procurement, you can count on us for comprehensive service if you or your clients need:

  • Client branding including industry related art installations
  • Asset management including art inventory, appraisals, repair and maintenance
  • Complete project management for interior and exterior grand-scale public art installations
  • Static and interactive company histories and client, donor, or employee recognition installations
  • Selling of current art holdings
  • Installations, crating/shipping and moving art

Art + Artisans provides meticulous attention to detail, thorough communication, and vetted art resources throughout Texas and the US.  Our goal is to become your art partner on projects of any size, budget and timeline, and help ensure you and your clients have access to the most comprehensive art services.