Texas A&M’s new College of Veterinary Medicine received an incredible new art installation. Featured in the main corridor entry, a series of 16 murals reflects the compassionate, strong human-animal bond.

The corridor is lined with groupings of 10’ lenticular fins, each embellished with detailed artwork. When walking down the corridor in one direction, images of domestic animals appear. Walking in the opposite direction, the images change to the animals being cared for by A&M veterinarians. The drawings on each fin are made up of the oath students take upon becoming veterinarians. From up-close, each fin appears as a detailed design of words; stepping back reveals the images hidden within the fins.

The imagery, state-of-the-art concept and fabrication articulate the mission of this 21st century school, while creating a space that feels contemporary yet traditionally Texan. With Art + Artisans, Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine was able to bring true meaning to their new space.